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Easter Is Love

Friday night my pastor was setting up his props, while I was practicing with the band. I am the crazy conga player. I asked him if he needed help this evening. With his usual smile, and a friendly pat on the back, "No, I don't."

At the end of his sermon, he walked to the back of the sanctuary, and brought a huge cross up front, and laid it down. I, being fairly strong, know this was a lil bit difficult for the average guy - even though I'm sure it was NO comparison to the heavy telephone-poled cross that Jesus Christ had to bare.

Pastor then took a heavy metal prop, laid it down at the point where Jesus' hands and feet would be. He mumbled and grumbled as if he was the guard who crucified Christ. He took a three-pound hammer and whacked the liv'n daylights out of the metal. I feared he was gonna flash back and smack his head. I've never seen him so serious. Then he rose up, and with the help of another, stood up the cross. "This," he said, "is the true meaning of Easter! Even if you only come once a year, please remember this one thing. Jesus Christ died, so that you may live!"


Liberal Common Core History

Many years ago, the youth were told the steroidal government knows what is best for the motherland. ("Father Knows Best" will never be the same in my mind.) That if an adult did something wrong, according to the school curriculums' rules of unification, the Aryan children (the perfect ones) were told is was a good thing to inform a leader. A good thing? Ja ja.

They should be proud of what they did. Those that ratted out their parents, their relatives, and even each other, were put on a pedestal of hierarchy! They were, after all, to be admired for a liberal common core job well done!

What's the difference between then in now? Other than the fact the new liberal common cored ideology being run down our throats? Other than the fact this picture of a thousand-word history being watered down to a few kind words of modern disconnection from the real world by dismissing real history? Wellll inna few years, I would say, 'bout - 80 years total!

Hellary Clinton schools will totally redefine: God, family, and country. History will be totally rewritten. Older truthful books, including the Bible will be burned. Think I'm wrong?
Wie ist der Unterschied zwischen Nazismus und Liberalismus?

Confirming One's Calling & Election

Confirming One’s Calling and Election

His divine power has given us everything we need for a Godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, Godliness; and to Godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. 8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins.

10 Therefore, my brothers and sisters,[a] make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble, 11 and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1 : 3 - 11 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Peter+1&version=NIV

The Presidents Of The United States of America

So far, they have been 10 presidents in my lifetime. I'm not count'n the current vacancy. I do not hate Barack Insane Obama, I just disagree with his Satan-endorsed world-view on most issues.

George W Bush: He was the only president I had the privilege of seeing speak in person - twice! My buddy Joe and I campaigned for him dur'n his second run for presidency. Learned a lot while inda mix of things. When asked (before & after his presidency) who influenced him the most in his lifetime; he responded, with little wait time - Jesus Christ. Amen? Amen.

He and his wife hand-signed, and mailed birthday, and holiday cards for the next couple of years to my house. I really appreciated that.

I also had the privilege of listening to Laura Bush speak at a business get together in Orlando Arena. So poised. So caring. Beautiful smile. Pretty doggone smart as well.

William Jefferson Clinton wanted to introduce ClintonCare. He also did not inhale. And, most importantly, he wasted our dime, with his time, with Monica Lewdwinky.

George H Bush blew my mind with his skydives at ancient years of age.

Cowboy/Outdoorsman/Governor Ronald Reagan was the first president I ever voted for. Everyone knew he would become president. It just was a matter-of-time fact.

Jimmy Carter: Failed as Commander In Chief. Served under him inda United States Army. As a humanitarian, I'm a big fan of his efforts to build houses for those who would not normally be able to.

Hey, remember odd and even license plates? I had a tee-shirt. Glad I was even.

Gerald Ford was OK. Nothing outstand'n for me.

Richard Milhous Nixon: I liked Tricky Dicky. Except forda scandal of course. I was drafted into the United States Army in February 1973. Told I was going to Vietnam. Oh, boy. I just knew, without a doubt, I would become a dead hero. It echoed in my head for the next twenty-four hours. Dead hero. Dead hero. I hated/hate slave-labor Communism.

Wellll, one problem. I was still in school. My discontented parents moved quite often, never find'n their greener grass acres. I had to prove I was still in school. I did so immediately. That got me outta da draft. 

Then, for a couple of years, I physically/mentally/emotionally trained myself into mind-blowing shape before volunteering. Three others (Smith, Buck, Lemon), and myself, were top-notch trainees in boot camp & advanced individualized training at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas! Air Defense Artillery. Hawk missiles.

The Phillipines version looks a whole lot like ours. Great video. I did a lot of work with these babies. Was the best/fastest operator/cable humper our battery had! Loved my job!


Lyndon Baines Johnson inherited a headache ofa deal. Vietnam. Asa kid, I delivered newspapers, and watched ABC, NBC, & CBS  news every day with my family. (Internet? Cable? Satellite? What?)

I watched us send so few troops, at a time,  into South Vietnam, then looked at the Chinese funnel  map. We killed our own. Repeatedly. We needed to Trumanize the North. Otherwise - lost cause death trap. Checkmate. Communism won.

Of course, in 1973, I knew, without a doubt, as soon as we pulled out, Communism would prevail. It immediately did. In my lifetime, I met two escapees. They were not will'n to talk 'bout it, but said it was horrible. On top of that, we left some prisoners, and missing in actions, behind. My hero, my cousin Sammy, went crazy.  Way to go loyal government.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: He was my childhood hero. As a thumb sucker, my Mom and I watched him get shot, as it occurred on television. I did not understand death. I thought my hero would get back up. Like they did on television. Mom held me and cried. I cried too. Everyone cried.

When I was born, General Dwight David Eisenhower became president, and, in charge of General George S Patton. Something tells me General Patton would have won the war in Vietnam, and Barack Insane Obama would not inhale with the North Vietnamese supporters > John Kerry and Jane Insane Fonda.

I Am Openly Gay

I woke up this morning, and did not feel my usual gay self. That, in itself, is quite queer.  Hav'n a cold/bronchitis/asthma kick in did not help. On top of that, I'm uncertain of my future self-induced stressors (thanks to Obamacarelessness). That robs me the wrong way - right? Now, I'm even less gay.

I still would like to marry again, someday. The government makes it difficult for gays to marry. Why? What did we do to deserve inhumane treatment?

Marriage, ahhh, justa dream for now. No significant other. I would imagine, after all the states endorse same-sex marriages, that the next liberal agenda would be to legalize group marriages. Group marriages? Why not? What would it hurt? I can see the plus side, and the headache side of group marriages.

Maybe legalized marijuana - no, better yet - future legalized pain pills, no better yet...; under government control of course - would help alleviate my headaches from the many partners I will be able to marry. Lettuce wait, and see. Hmmm?

Once married, I think we should adopt children; from the United States of America. What? I gotta wait forever? OK, then I'll adopt from Liberal-supported Communist Russia. There you go. Heard they will bend over backwards for me, just so I can pay through the nose, ears, and various other parts ofda human anatomy. I'm sure they will give me a fair shake. After all, they are, are allies - right?

Lettuce see. Seven days inna week. I need o n e  f r e e  d a y. That leaves me to marry only six partners. I got it! Christie Brinkley, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Courtney Cox, and Demi Moore. Six! Great! Wait, Jennifer Lopez. OK, seven. Wait again, no Asians? I guess that makes me the politically-correct Asiaphobe. If they think prenuptial is inda mix - ahhh - no way. That's were I put my foot down.

Everyday I wake up, I choose to remain heterosexual. If I can make that choice, why can't you?
Are you open-minded? If so, please read this short article: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2008/12/19/33968/warren-celebrate-recovery/, then comment  at the end of my article. Please keep it clean. Thank you.

I hope you're gay today.  :}

Warning: Abortion Tissue

Is this human-life form, that God already knew in the mother's womb, the mistake you speak of, Barack Insane Obama? You call yourself a family man?

Is this what Obamaites support? ME FIRST ATTITUDE?

Is this what Planned Unparenthood pushes, without tell'n the whole story?

Decades ago I witnessed two live abortions, via local television, in Pittsburgh, PA. If you can't see this is Hellishy wrong, then I pray God kicks the Hell outta you, so you can discern evil from good.

If the Holy Spirit convicts you, ask our Father, who art in Heaven, to forgive you of your former life. Seek God-loves us counsel, as soon as possible.

Woman dies follow'n late-term-Obama-approved abortion:


This site should be a great help for everyone:




If I Were God

If I were God I would redesign the human excretory processes. No more peeing, and, no more pooping! No more constipation, diarrhea, or runn'n into the woods to manure the weeds. Yay! Instead we would evaporate all waste products via our pores. Good idea, huh? Each person would emit a personal pleasing essence. Cool. "Did you just go?" (Why yes, I did.) "Smells wonderful." (Thank you.)

Next, all forms of sex outside of marriage would be A O K. Ahhhhhhhhh. So many women. So lil time.

Then, well, ummm? I got it. It's OK to punch out idiots. Yep. That sounds good. Remember that idiot that ripped you off? Ohhh yeeeahhh - him first. Then, then, then, it'll be OK to rip him off. Good. Now, you're even. (Of course, this would exclude me from gett'n punched. I may have accidentally eat'n my lil brother's Halloween candy a few years innna row. And, I may have, possibly, traded him a big shiny nickel, fora lil ol' dime every now and then. Does than even count? Nah.)

I will have the Roman government reverse their new safer driving legislation, and  re-allow drivers to drive like the selfish nutcases they normally have been for years. From there, I will allow the same freedom to occur in Tampa Bay USA, or any where you wanna travel. Who cares about deaths, dismemberment, or other harms caused by crazy driving?  You deserve freedom!

I will allow President Hellary Clinton to legalize: crack, prostitution, group marriages, immediate abortion right after birth, and the euthanasia death panels, can, and will decide the fate of anyone, at any age, if they decide that person will cost to much to keep alive. Besides who would want them? They're just extra unnecessary baggage anyways.

Everyone will work for the big government, and, you will getta convenience chip in your head. Ain't that cool?  The government will keep 50% of your earnings - you know - Caesar-type taxes. One church, one religion. Simple. You will be required to attend. It is for your benefit of course. And everyone will bow down to Hellary. After all, she's a mini-god.

Are you glad I'm not God? What 'bout Hellary? Yet, some times, we think we are. We all do at some point.

No matter what we think we are; no matter who we think we are, or, how mighty we think we are - God is God, and Satan, well, he will always try to convince us that we are God! Satan sux, and that's a fact Jack!

Who is this Jack?

A R Bernard

"The quality of your thinking, determines the quality of your life."

Christmas Kindness 2013

This will be the first Christmas without my Mom. The pain, especially when alone, is unlike anything I experienced. I cannot focus on an important school project that was due four days ago. (Still work'n on it.)

Writ'n - actually typ'n this - is difficult, but I learned that this is my best way to express my feel'ns of discomfort, distress, and lonerangerism.

After sooooo much pain, and accomplish'n almost noth'n, I called two friends from my church family. They both listened, understood, and offered advice that I already knew, but needed to hear it again.

They also prayed for me, and I prayed for them.

I have two choices, hold onto the pain, or give it to God. I can only Celebrate Recovery by giv'n my pains away.

I watched a commercial video online a few days ago. I watched a lil girl with a bandana on her head. My nickname was bandana man; so I identified with her.

She was bald. So am I. She probably is/was in pain. So am I.

Just then the nurse came in and she began to smile. She presented to him a picture she drew. So he asked, "Who is that?" The lil girl responded, "Why it's you?"

The nurse apologized for the shot he was gonna give her. Then they sang a song together, as he injected the syringe of medicine into her tiny body.

I just now, took a moment and prayed for her. Now, what was my trouble?

Santa Fareal?

Well, I saw something that jaw-dropped my mandibular bone to the ground on Christmas Eve 1962. I heard a commotion downstairs. I quietly rushed to the top ofda stairway. While sitt'n, and peer'n intoda liv'n room, I watched in amazement, Mom and Dad were putt'n (No relation to that guy in Russia) gifts under the tree. I jus couldn't quite figure that one out. That wassa long, long, night for me.

in December 1963, my parents drove my lil brother and me to see Santa Claus at Norwin Shopp'n Center.  (FW Woolworths five & dime, Isley's milkshakes, & Cox's Department Store, where I saw a baraaand new band, Sly & the Family Stone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNhKzr4gK6Y; were some of the super stores of yesteryear.) There, inda middle of the plaza, in the alcove, was Santa; in a large windowed room. He was by himself, and slumped-over tired in his big comfortably-cushioned chair; with his beard pulled down?

Uh huh! He's not fareal. Jus what I suspected. Dick Tracy would be proud of me. Wait til I tell my lil-non-believ'n brother - Stevie. Jusssssss wait. He didn't believe before. Now, I got evidence.

I rushed 'round the corner to find the lil slowpoke. (I was supposed to be watch'n him anyways. Ooops.) I grabbed him, "Santa is fake! He's not fareal!" And could ya believe it? The lil baby didn't believe me! Sooo, I dragged the lil monster - (I was always the good son. I don't lie. OK, stop laugh'n! I mean it!) - 'round the corner of the shopp'n center, and into the alcove. I Chuck-Norrised Stevie's lil neck, and pointed to Santa slouch'n in his big chair. "See. He's fake! He's not fareal!" "Wah," the lil crybaby started runn'n back to Mommy & Daddy. I hadda stop him, or I'm toast!

"Why's Stevie cry'n?" they asked. "I dunno. I jus proved to him Santa was fake, and he started cry'n for no reason! I didn't do anything wrong. (Boy do I gotta big mouth.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The Department of Children & Families family-life interference, police arrest'n parents for disciplining their children - according to the Holy Bible, and, frivolous lawsuits brought on by children, were non-existent back then. I hadda feel'n I hadda licken com'n soon. And ya know whose fault - lil crybaby brother - Stevie.

Life was not fair back then. I gotta beat'n, jus 'cause the lil baby started cry'n.

So, you tell me, is Santa fareal?

Watch & see for yourself.



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